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Steering Group Meetings

November 19th 2009
May 14th 2008

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Ad hoc meeting at Belvedere Sports Club on November 19th 2009
Apologies received from Ann and David Brown, Joan Verity, Mary Hayman, Dorothy Coates and Peter Roberts

Marie and Michael Hamer, David Weatherill, Ian Stuart and Graham Tennant met and confirmed that the 2010 Annual Reunion would be held at the Belvedere Sports Club on Thursday March 25th 2010 at 7.30 pm.

An attempted Regional Reunion for Technalians in the South, SouthWest and South Wales in the autumn had proved unsuccessful.

It was noted with sadness that Neil Clark had died in Todmorden on Wednesday October 28th 2009
Ad hoc meeting at Belvedere Sports Club on May 14th 2008

A group of 7 former students of Burnley Technical High School met to review their thoughts 10 
months after the Fence Gate Reunion on July 7th 2007. It was felt an ongoing association of former student of the Technical High Schools in Burnley was desirable and sustainable.

It was resolved to  -
To establish a former students association under the name of "TECHNALIANS"
2. To set up a Technalians website
3. To try to arrange a school visit in October 2008 (before the building is closed and demolished.)
4. To organise an annual buffet reunion on the last Thursday in March (i.e. starting on Thursday March 26th 2009)
5. To encourage and stimulate research of the history of the Technical High Schools in Burnley.
6. To publicise the activities of special interest-groups within the wider association.
7. To circulate a News-Letter containing details of planned events, reports of meeting of Technalians, contacts details, etc.

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¶  School anecdotes, snippets of information, historical events, any items of interest, photographs, etc can be sent to Ian & Christine Stuart (