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The 1st Annual Technalian Reunion
with Fork Buffet
at the Belvedere & Calder Vale Sports Club, Reedley
on Thursday March 26th 2009 at 7.00 - 10.00 pm
Graham Tennant's photographs of those present at the Reunion Photographs 1 - 10
Photographs 11 - 22
Photographs  23 - 44
Technalians first  'AGM'
Election of Treasurer
Active Volunteers
Welcome Peter Roberts welcomed everyone to the Belvedere (as a long time member) and to the Annual Technalian Reunion for all those (pupils or staff) who had been associated with one of the Technical High Schools in Burnley between 1945 and 1970. Forty-three had come together from far and wide, with Audrey Pye (Peter's sister) travelling the furthest distance in coming from  the Outer Hebrides (349 miles as the crow flies, but 425 miles by road). He commented that there were eleven couples present whose 1950s / 60s school-day romances had developed into long-lasting marriges.

Peter paid tribute to Derek Duerden (right) who had died at his home in London a few days previously. Derek
scored a hat-trick for Towneley in the 1954 Keightley Cup final at Turf Moor in a 3 - 3 draw with St Mary's. He  played cricket for Lancashire schoolbays (with Jack C Fisher) and for Burnley's Turf Moor side. He was also a junior player for Burnley Football Club alongside future greats like Adam Blacklaw and  and Alex Elder. He played for the ex-Clarets in later years.

There was a special word of welcome for Mr Roy Bracewell who taught many of us maths, science and technical drawing
at Towneley.

We were sorry to learn that Alethea Belcher had retired home hurt after falling in the car park on arrival.
Derek Duerdenm (as a youth)
Derek Duerden in his playing days
(Burnley Express April 3rd 2009 p.16)
Election of Treasurer Peter Roberts was elected Technalians Treasurer by popular acclamation. Peter has looked after the bookings for both this 2009 reunion and our 2007 meeting at Fence Gate.
Active Volunteers The evolution of the Technalians has been guided by ad hoc meetings of small groups drawn from Alethia Belcher (Noble), Ann Brown (Rogers), Dorothy Coates (Haynes), Christine Stuart (Winterbottom), Joan Verity (Graham), David Brown, Peter Roberts, Ian Stuart, Graham Tennant and David Weatherill.
An invitation had been made for others to join this Active Volunteer Group and  four new volunteers have been added to the list -
Marie Hamer (Eastwood)
Michael Hamer
Mary Hayman (Halstead)
Colin Ormston
Archives Graham Tennant refered to the archive material on display around the room and commented that there was relatively little published material about Heasandford Technical High School. Friends were invited to write down their memories of the school, its people and activities, outings and societies for inclusion in the archive.