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INDEX of AUTHORS Christine DAWSON (now Windle) 13/2/11  (HTHS / BTHS]
Audrey DEARDEN (now Todd)  18/11/08  [HTHS 1954-1956, BTHS 1956-??]
Jane DEARDEN 23/07/10  [HTHS 1946-1947]
Jane DEARDEN-NUTT 10/02/11  [HTHS Pre-1946 - 1947]
David FAIRHURST 4/7/09 (TTHS 1946-1950)
Ray GARNETT 11/02/11 [BTHS 1957-1964
Brian GIST  8/11/08  [TTHS 1955 - 1956; BTHS 1956 - 1959]
Anne HARTLEY (Hurst)
30/3/10 (HTHS 1955-1956; BTHS 1956-1959)
Brian HUNT  27/11/08   [TTHS 1946-1951]
Brian HUNT  3/11/08   [TTHS 1946-1951]
Anne HURST (now Hartley) 30/3/10 (HTHS 1955-1956; BTHS 1956-1959)

Colin ORMSTON 1/12/08  [BTHS 1959 - 1966]
Bill PEART [BTHS 1961-1969]
Raymond PICKERING 2/07/09 [TTHS 1953-1956, BTHS 1956-1957]
Raymond PICKERING 28/5/09 [TTHS 1953-1956, BTHS 1956-1957]
Timothy RILEY 12/12/09 [BTHS 1962-1969]
GrahamTENNANT  24/11/08   [TTHS 1952 - 1956, BTHS 1956 - 1959]
Audrey TODD (Dearden)  18/11/08  [HTHS 1954 - 1956, BTHS 1956 - ??]
Al WILSON 23/9/09 [TTHS  1949-1956]
Frank WINDLE 2/01/11 (TTHS 1952-1956]
February 13th 2011 BILL PEART
[BTHS 1961-1969

I have just been browsing online and saw the Technalian information I was at BTHS (Assheton House) from 1961 - 1969. I was school Games Captain 1969/9 and captain of both the cricket and footbnall teams in the same year - not because I was any good , it was just because all the good players left school at 16 years of age giving rubbish players like me a chance later on, which was useful for my CV. I was also Assherton House Captain in 1968/9.

As well as memories I have a badly worn copy of the 1961 school photograph taken in the girls' yard, my sixth-former's black cap, my prefect's badge, two swimming champion plaques and a photograph of the football 1st XI.

I attended the 1991 reunion with my best pal from school, Robert E Lee (now in Spain) who monitors the web-site.                                                           
February 11th 2011 RAY GARNETT
[BTHS 1957-1964]

I attended BTHS from 1957 to 1964, when I was known as 'Boris'. In the last two years there the headmaster, Ian (sic) Redhead, decided to employ two Laboratory Technicians to help set up the equipment, experiments and cleaning, organising and tidying the labs. I looked after the labs upstairs, Geberal Science under Mr Summers and Biology under Mr Dearing. Trevor  Duxbury was appointed the other Lab Technician  to look after the ground floor rooms used for Chemistry and Physics. I recall those rooms now as I look at the Demolition pictures. Trevor and myself were paid £1 for an 8-hour week (done out of school hours). 4d was deducted for insurance so we took home 19s 8d. We were paid weekly on a Friday when the man came with the wages from the Council during the lunch break.

I now live in London (Hanwell area), am retired from being a University Lecturer in Quantitative Business Analysis and IT, and always wanted to take up wood turning after being taught it by Mr (Bill) Lord (in the downstairs woodworking room - his brother, the other Mr Lord (Jim), taught in the upstairs room. I loved it and used to get excellent marks for woodworking. We first turned on the treadle lathe and then moved over to the power lathe. After all these years I now have a workshop in my garden and indeed have taken up the hobby - thanks to Mr Lord for introducing me to it.          
February 10th 2011 JANE DEARDEN-NUTT
[HTHS pre-1946 - 1947]

Hi There,
It was a much welcome surprise to receive the 2011 Technalians News Letter and I have read it with great interest. I was one of the original Technalians, being a student at Heasandford Secondary Girls School when it changed its name to Heasandford Technical High School in 1946.

I would love to hear from anyone who was a student at HTHS from 1946 to 1949. I remember some names as listed here - Sylvia Grant, June Baker, Doreen Bridge, Iris Hargreaves, June Gill, Dianne Schofield, Irene Smith, Joyce Bubbins, Joan Hatersley to name but a few. Muriel Ridehalgh was Head Girl.  If anyone is in touch with any of these (or other 1940s girls from Heasandford) please let Graham Tennant know (contact details at the top of this page) and they can be put in touch with Jane in Australia.
Previous message from Jane Dearden
January 2nd 2011 FRANK WINDLE
[TTHS 1952 - 1956]

I have enjoyed looking at the 'Technalians' Web-site and remembering my time at Towneley and the people I knew, Neil Whalley, the Cregg brothers, Neil Clarke, Jack Jump, Peter Williams, Barry Holmes and Jack Hardman, just to name a few.

Having left Towneley in 1956, I was apprenticed at Skipperes until I entered the Army in 1959. I then spent the next 40 years wandering the worl until settling here in Cyprus, pretending to be retired. I married Christine Dawson, a Heasandford girl who moved to BTHS in the year I left. God willing we shall celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary in 6 weeks time. We were married at Rehoboth Methodist Church in Springfield Road in February 1961.

Frank & Christine 1961  Frank & Christine 2011 GOTO TOP
July 22nd 2010 JANE DEARDEN
[HTHS 1946-1947]

Hello There.
My name is Jane, and I would like to introduce myself as a former student of Heasandford Technicahl High School (HTHS). What a great school it was. I really enjoyed my time there.

Originally it was Heasandford Senior Shool and later Heasandford Secondary Modern School for Girls. I was one of the first students at HTHS back in 1946.  Students were given the opportunity to sit for an exam. This was the 13+ exam. If we passed we were entitiled to be addmitted to the 'new school'. I was very happy to receive positive news of my efforts in the exam.  The school became HTHS that same year. I was so proud to be a student there and was proud to wear the new uniform, especially the blazer with the Lancashire Rose on the badge.

Our teachers were the best. All were liked by the students. Miss Sharples, our Headmistress was great, strict and fair. Miss Nightingale our music teacher, an excellent one  and also the leader of our schol choir of whick I was a member. Miss Preston and Miss Halstead were great along with the others. I remember them, all, I could write you a list.
I recall very happy memories of HTHS. I attended the school as it was known in 1946 for less than a year.  I left mid 1947 because my family moved from Burnley to Blackpool. So I hads to leave which made me very sad. I still have memories though of that wonderful school and of my many friends I had there.
My  Regards to all
Jane Dearden
Later message from Jane Dearden-Nutt
March 30th 2010 ANNE HARTLEY (Hurst)
HTHS 1955-1956; BTHS 1956-1959

As one of the 'Class of 55' Anne spent her first secondary year at Heasandford before transfering to Towneley on the formation of Burnley Technical High School in August 1956.

When the schools were amalgamated we had a choice to wear our green Heasandford blazers until they were too small, then change to blue for Burnley Tech. I never had another blazer, but liked the scarf!! (see Anne wearing her original BTHS scarf in photographs 20-22 from the 2nd Anual Reunion March 2010). I didn't like wearing a beret and sometimes at Towneley we had a uniform inspection. So if one of the crowd had a beret we would pass it through those bottom cloakroom windows. They had a ring-catch which you pulled down and the windo fell back on its hinges at a 45' angle.(I learnt at school about angles!) Teachers stood at the exit of the school after we went to the cloakrooms for our berets, blazers and coats. So walk out in beret and pretend to go into playground - pass beret back through window to next person to walk out in beret, looking pleased as Punch because we had pulled one on the staff.

For white ankle socks, gingham dresses and the coats that hid them from sight see the photograph in
HTHS 1955-1956 "Trip to Liverpood & Birkenhead"
December 12th 2009 TIMOTHY RILEY
BTHS 1962-1969

Ian Shepherd was Head Boy in 1968-9, he stayed-on the following year, 1969-70, by which time I had left, and he joined the Royal Navy after studying geography at Southampton University. The last I heard of him he was a Lieutenant Commander at the time of the Falkland's War.

I would be grateful for any news of my Headmaster Ignateus (Iggie) Redhead's obituary which I have been unable tpo trace on-line. A pupil pof Stonyhurst, and a graduate of the L.S.E., he taught me Economics in the Sixth Form.
September 23rd 2009 AL WILSON
TTHS 1949-1956

Al, from New Zealand, has contributed names for some of his contemporaries at Towneley in the 1956 School Photograph, one of whom was Robert Ryley (6.2.1).
Al writes, "I flatted with Bob at university in Leeds and I would love to know where his has got to these days. I was the only one in my year who stayed on in 1954 but others decided to have an extra year so when I was doing A levels, we had myself, Bob Ryley, John Ashworth, Rodney Heap and Brian Pomfrey. Myself, Bob and Rodney went off to Leeds University and Brian went to Manchester; but I do not know what happened to John.  We all did Science and Maths with Clem Cole and Iggy Redhead. I think it was the only thing that we did, as in those days Double Maths and Physics was considered quite a handful. I remember getting a dressing down from Harry Lancaster in the last year because I took Engineering and Technical Drawing at A level as well as the usual Pure Maths, Applied Maths and Physics. He just didn't like that idea and I had to resort to dragging a bench behind the wall in Mr Eden's engineering shop. In that way I couldn't be seen working in there as the Head did his patrols up and down the main corridor.
   I certainly enjoyed my senior years at Towneley. Thinking back to those great days of the fifties, there was a 'system' in place which some of the crowd may remember. I acquired an intercom system from Skipper's Garage when they were upgrading their offices and we installed this in the school, unofficially of course. The master control was in the Prefects' Room and the slave speakers were installed in any classroom of interest, such as Iggy Redhead, Bill Howarth, Clem Coles, Bill Sparks, etc. In the case of Iggy Redhead, it was very useful as he was often late because of his Deputy Head duties and the 'system' told us when he got into the room and we could arrive about half a minute later. He knew we had some system going but didn't investigate further. The other slaves were installed secretly in classrooms where we worked, or just were there was an interesting member of staff. I made up a master key in the workshops for all the school doors, and the whole 'system' was put in place after dark, as there had to be considerable activity on the roof of the classroom blocks. It all worked very well and it was, in fact, possible to attend a lesson without actually going to the room. I assume the 'system' was used after we left but it was really quite sophisticated for the fifties. Perhaps we would have managed quite well in Stalag Luft 3.

I remember Jack Hardman. He was one of the prefects and he was writing a book at the time. I used to type it up for him a chapter at a time in our breaks and lunchtime. I heard after leaving that the poor chap committed suicide so it sad to hear that.
TTHS 1946-1950

I was a pupil at TTHS from 1946 (just scraped through 11+) until 1950 when my father took me out to be apprenticed in his garage (Motor Body Repairs). I think I held the record for the headmaster's (Mr Lancaster) whipping boy: ie most caned by him! At least in my year if not the whole school. My recollections of those years are very vague, but I do remember Brian Hunt and Tom Feeney as two of my contemporaries; Mr Redhead, R.Saul (sorry Frank Saul), and of course Mr Lancaster. PE and Sports were my least favourite and Technical Drawing was my most favourite subject.

After my apprenticeship I served four years in the RAF then returned to Joseph Lucas in maintenance sheet metal work for a while. I was in the Scouts from about age 13 and continued for 45 years in the movement.

I was Assistant District Commissioner (Wolf Cubs for Burnley) during the time I was working at Lucas (1961-ish).

After a very varied career including teaching, I retired in Seaford, East Sussex in 1995.

(written after Neil Whalley made contact on July 2nd having read Ray's May 28th entry)
[TTHS 1953-1956, BTHS 1956-1957]] 

What great news that someone from my school days actually remembers me. I played cricket with Neil (he was better than me) who eventually signed up for Burnley Cricket Club after he left school, he was also a good soccer player but made his mark more in the cricket sphere. Bobby Entwistle another star from the past was also a fantastic batsman who went on to play for Lancashire but I have lost all contact as to where Bobby finished in his sporting\life career. 

Frank Saul, I think he taught geography, was playing for Todmorden when I was at Towneley. Mr. Saul was my inspiration – he must have seen some potential in my soccer. I went on trial with Blackburn Rovers for a couple of years and eventually landed up playing for Rangers in the South African premier division before my aspirations became reality – got married, had two sons and a permanent job became more important. I would play soccer today for half the weekly fee Ronaldo gets!  Whilst at Rangers (in S.A.) they offered me R15 per week another R10 for a win, R5 for a draw. I could earn more with one hour’s overtime at work and eventually finished up playing amateur soccer until I was thirty-five – much more enjoyable.

I then took up road-running (why am I telling you all this?) I ran the Comrades Marathon (90kms) eleven times and got my green number and was made Honorary Life President of Hillcrest Villagers A.C. where I was chairman for about 15 years. I was also on the Provincial Executive of road-running for eight years and even got elected as President for  KwaZulu Natal Athletics but these were turmoil years after democracy in 1994 and my skin pigmentation didn’t stand up to the necessary rigors of politics in South Africa at that time.

Oh! by the way, Derek Duerden, whom you mentioned (in your March 26th 2009 Reunion/AGM Report) as having recently passed away in London, was my role model in sport when I first went to Towneley from Lionel Street. Derek was older than me (by 3 years) but what a fantastic sportsman he was. A great bowler, he was great at everything really.
[TTHS 1953-1956, BTHS 1956-1957]]

Hi,  I happened to "stumble" across the Technalian web-site as I was roaming the Internet the other day.
I'm about to own up that I was "a blast from the past" being an old Burnley Technical High School pupil from the era of the Heasanford/Towneley amalgamation and noticed a couple of people I remember from some of your 2007 reunion photos, namely Herbert Ballam (who I played soccer with) and Roy Bracewell who taught me Technical Drawing I think it was.

 I passed my 11+ exams at Lionel Street School and preferred Towneley to Grammar School because as a youngster I thought that the guys in black uniforms were actually all snobs! I think I was in my second year at Towneley when the Heasanford girls arrived and one female pupil in particular was an attraction to many of the male school gender - I think her name was Sonya Bishop?

 I became a fanatical sports enthusiast especially at soccer when I was selected to play for the school team and Burnley Schoolboys as well. Frank Saul (cricket & geography), Keith Green & Roy Bracewell were also involved in a huge school sports motivation at that time. I eventually played in the schools final at Turf Moor in April 1957 against Barden who we beat 3-1. I left Towneley at that time to take up a printing apprenticeship at Hortors Printers in Junction Street, Burnley. I actually kept a team programme from that day until recently but I have no idea where I misplaced it - frustrating! I still have the original printed entrance ticket though, non-players paid one shilling entrance! Some names I remember from the enclosed photo [see BTHS 1956-1957 Sport] are: Peter Wood (holding the soccer ball), Alex Balderstone, Neil Whalley, Colin McNight, Herbert Ballam (3rd from back, I'm in front of Herbert).

I still remember Mr. Lancaster who I think even taught my father in his younger days, Mr. Redhead, the Lord brothers, Mr.Howarth (History) and a Mr. Gibbons (English), the good old days eh! I even think I was put into detention on a couple of occasions - through no fault of my own, of course!

 I left England in November 1964 to experiment with a new life in South Africa and never returned except for visits to my family in Burnley & Nelson. I lived in Johannesburg for ten years and then Durban where I retired from Independent Newspapers in February 2007 after completing 30 years service in advertising sales. We live in Kloof which is inland from Durban & Umhlanga Rocks and my wife (a teacher) was Head of Art at St Mary's School for girls in Kloof for 31 years before retiring some four years ago.

Kind regards, 
Raymond Pickering
(Classes from 1953/57)

December 1st 2008 COLIN ORMSTON 1/12/08
BTHS 1959 - 1966
I tell this tale somewhat tongue in cheek in the hope that there has been some sort of amnesty for past misdeeds after 40 odd years!
In 1965 during my last year in the upper sixth I successfully interviewed for the part time post of Lab. Assistant for the Physics and Chemistry labs. This gave the dubious responsibility of holding the keys for both laboratories and cupboards! Myself, Robert Bichard, Mike Worsdall and Trevor Duxbury were obsessed with rocketry – after all these were the years of the first manned spaceflight. Given that I had unlimited access, we would often spend hours after school and at weekends perfecting various chemical fuel concoctions and testing them out in what seemed an endless supply of cigar tubes in the boys yard. On one occasion an experimental launch in the boys yard resulted in the cigar tube tilting and rushing headlong though the air toward us stood inside the chemistry lab. window before exploding. John Jump, the then caretaker, came rushing around to find out what had happened – we disappeared rapidly!

On a more serious note, Robert burned his hands when the fuel mixture he was grinding self ignited. We managed a cover up otherwise we knew we would all be expelled, but for weeks he was ribbed about keeping his hands away from the chip pan! All this did not deter our determined bunch, we finally launched a 3 foot monster fabricated from a carpet vacuum pipe. On one sunny Sunday on Widdup Moor, in front of a selected group of invited fellow pupils, and using a car battery for the ignition (who carried it all the way up there I can't remember, except it wasn't me!) our rocket soared vertically upwards to a height of 300 ft before exploding. Who knows what we may have achieved given more time. This was undoubtedly Britains answer to the space race – if only we had been given the investment!

November 27th 2008 BRIAN HUNT  27/11/08
TTHS 1946 - 1951
I was looking at the photos posted on the Towneley website - "Visit to Towneley School Buildings",  The caption for picture 5 states - "The original main entrance, with art nouveau stairwell.  In the 1950s the Secretary and  Headmaster were accomodated to right with art room above. To the left metalwork and engineering workshops were on the ground floor with woodwork above."
In fact when I left in 1951 the room above the metalwork room was a chemistry lab occupied by Mr. "Clem" Cole. The Woodwork shop was next along the ground floor from the metal shop.  I am wondering if after I left, the metal shop was expanded into the woodwork shop and the woodwork shop moved upstairs.
Also, the room above the Head's office was the school library.  It had very few books and was used for chess at lunch time.
I must say that the new roof line does little to improve the aesthetics of the building.
(For earlier comments about room usage see
BRIAN HUNT  3/11/08).

November 24th 2008 GRAHAM TENNANT 24/11/08
TTHS 1952 - 1956
BTHS 1956 - 1959
Being involved in the evolving  "Technalians" association has brought me into contact with many people who I knew very well as a teenager. As pensioners we have happily taken up where we left off (??) half a century ago. But, we are different people, a life-time of diverse experiences has taken us in a multitude of different directions, geographical as well as many others. I was determined to find one friend who had 'disappeared'. That was Ian D Stuart of Pike Hill, whom I last met in 1961 when he was at Shoreditch college at Egham west of London and I was living in Muswell Hill, N10. Last year, I found addresses for 12 'Ian D Stuart's in the UK and sent each of them a Burnley Express photograph of the first mixed BTHS party setting off for Bourton-on-the-Water in 1957. One of the twelve, living in Bury, confessed to being included in the photograph and  friendship was restored. Actually we got two for the price of one as Ian had married the former Christine Winterbottom.

There are a number of others we were at school with who no one seems to have had any recent contact with. They include - WILLIAM BIRCH, PETER CAMPBELL, ERIC DUNN, DEREK THORPE, JOHN TURNER, BRIAN VARLEY. If you know where any of them are, please let me know (e-mail address at the top of this page).
November 18th 2008 AUDREY TODD (Dearden)  18/11/08
HTHS 1954 - 1956
BTHS 1956 - ??

My name is Audrey Todd (I used to be Audrey Dearden). I came to have the "Technalian"  news letter via my friend Mary Halstead (now Mary Hayman). I have been in contact with Mary for the past 12 years, although more frequently now via the internet. I last saw Mary about 12 years ago on my last trip home to England, and unfortunately I haven't been back since. Mary was an old school friend of mine since we were both about 12 years old. I lived on the "Small Holdings" in Deer Park Road at Towneley Hall. In fact I could see Towneley Hall from my bedroom, which of course in those days meant nothing at all. I was fortunate enough to pass my 11-plus and went to Heasandford School. I was in the class that was the first to intergrade with the "boys" at Towneley School. I must say I remember it to be a really exciting time, as I was just getting into boys at that time and couldn't wait. Unfortunately it was not to be, as Miss Pemberton seemed to catch me every single time I was talking to the BOYS. Silly as it seems now, we weren't allowed any contact with "The Boys" in that first year of experimentation. I was always in trouble and I remember the Headmistress told me I was the only pupil that she had had to cane. Anyway those are a few of the memories of the school at Towneley.

It feels funny even writing the name 'Towneley'. I left England at the age of 21, after a stint in London, and emigrated to New Zealand with my family . I stayed there for 40 years and now I am living in Australia. I have led quite an interesting life. I was always good at sewing and had my own business manufacturing swimwear in NZ. I have also been a professional entertainer (singing) having made 2 cd's. I am at the moment, at the age of shshshsh . . . 66, completing a course to teach English to non-English speaking students.  I hope to teach English in Spain. That will take me a little closer to England and it will be so much easier to take a trip there while earning money. I would love to make it to one of the reunions, if not next year then definitely the next.  Any way I seem to have been typing for hours I have enjoyed reminiscing and hope I haven't bored you too much .
Novemberr 8th 2008 BRIAN GIST   8/11/08
TTHS 1955 - 1956
BTHS 1956 - 1959

I don't remember much of my time at Towneley. I must admit it was a time for me to forget.. I also had to leave school before I could take my 'O' Levels as my parents were ill. I came from a very poor home and one memory I had from school stuck in my mind. Believe it or not my parents couldn't afford to buy me any shoes, so along I went to school in my wellingtons. The teacher told me to go along to the gym and get some plimsolls from the gym master, not only did he lend me some but also made me bend over. I eventually got a pair of second hand shoes from a friend who was from a better class of family.

So in fact I'm afraid my school days were not the best experience of my life. I do realise that things have changed greatly in schools these days. In my opinion they have moved too far the other way and I believe that teachers should have more power to instil discipline.
November 3rd 2008

BRIAN HUNT  3/11/08  (now living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)
TTHS 1946-1951

I'll do my best to remember way back to when I was at school and some of the people I knew quite well.
ALAN LAWSON - Alan Lawson for instance was my best friend at school, but we went our different ways after I left at age 16 and he carried on, presumably to university. I never heard from him after I left school. To be honest I have trouble reconciling the Alan Lawson I knew with the teacher described by his students [see Colin Ormston's web-site and school pictures]. He was a brilliant student. Everything academic came easily to him, he was always top of the class in math, English, science etc. But in the physical stuff he was a nonentity, physical training was to be endured, sports (football and cricket) were for others, and many other students exceeded him in the hands-on technical trades classes. Still, he was a good friend, and we did much together both in and out of school during the four years we were at Towneley Tech. He was in a concert party I recall. His specialty was monologues. He did one called "The Biter Bit" about someone who got stung while trying to put one over on another unsuspecting person.
MR LORD - I will tell you a tale of Alan and I. One day during Mr. Lord's metalwork class, Alan and I were assigned to the forge. It was in a separate room at he back of the shop. With the door closed we were supposed to be forging a latch out of small square bar stock. However, we spotted a ladle somewhere on one of the tables filled with a soft metal, which we decided to melt in order to produce a new alloy (?) Well of course the steel we added did not melt at the same temperature as the lead in the ladle and we ended up melting the ladle and burning up all the lead. Mr, Lord was not pleased as this was the lead he used to fill tubes and pipes that were to be bent. We got a sever wigging, and were told to cover the cost of a new ladle (2/6d). When I was at Towneley, the metalwork shop was the first room on the ground floor on the corridor facing the river. (Nearest the headmaster's office). The woodwork shop was the next one along. Mr. Lord (woodwork) was a craftsman, making beautiful furniture, staining and polishing it. He rode a motorcycle with a sidecar. He made wooden covers for the hand grips on his bike. (For further comments about room usage see BRIAN HUNT  27/11/08).
TOM FEENEY - Another story concerns Tom Feeney. There was a brand new 6" bench lathe installed in the metal shop. Fred Whittam was the star machinist in our class, and Mr. Lord had him on this new lathe. We were all gathered round watching Fred perform his magic when Tom, stood near the tail stock, and not being too interested in what's going on idly picked up a spanner. This spanner just happened to be the exact size that fit the nut on the end of the feed screw, which was turning at a good 40 rpm. So Tom slipped the spanner on to the nut, which promptly whipped it out of his hand, spun it round and jammed it against the lathe bed. There was a grinding of gears and the lathe came to a halt.. Again, Mr. Lord was really pissed - a brand new lathe wrecked the first time it was used. Tom was in deep doo-doo. The lathe is shown on pic #86 of the photos posted on Friends Reunited, Towneley High School section.