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Notes gathered by Ian and Christine Stuart (May 25th 2008)

Towneley Secondary Boys School opened in the new building on Towneley Holmes on 15th September 1941 for 403 pupils.  The Official Opening by the Mayor of Burnley  J. T. Clegg, took place on 7th November 1941.

A report in the Burnley Express and News of 30th April 1938 indicates that the Education Committee was looking at the plans and Architects sketches of a new school.  This was not the first time they had been considered as the report indicates that the costs had been scaled down.
●  The Architect was the Borough  Surveyor J. L. Becket.  It was designed for 480 boys at an estimate cost of £46,070 and that the design permitted further extensions if necessary..
●  The school was part of a reorganisation of secondary education in the east part of the town and in the same scheme  a sum of £12,384 was set aside for alterations to Burnley Wood School which was to become the Secondary Girls School.  The construction of  Towneley would also allow the closure of Fulledge  School  which would move to Todmorden Road which would then take Infants and Juniors.  The senior boys prior to the construction of Towneley were called the Central School and housed in Todmorden Road Buildings.

In the Burnley Express and News  of the 24th May 1938 there is a photograph of the construction of Towneley.  The brickwork is to first floor level and behind schedule as it had been a very poor winter.  At least another 12 months would be needed for completion.

In the Education Committee annual report for 1937/38, published on 31st March 1938 the following were noted. -
● During the year, Miss Olive Evans B.A. had been appointed to the Headship of Coal Clough Senior Girls School and Miss Alice Sharples (from Bolton) had been appointed to the Headship of Heasandford Senior Girls School.
● Playing fields and Pavilions were nearing completion on Towneley Holmes for the Girls High School and Towneley Elementary School (?)
● 5th January 1938  County Borough of Burnley Council approved proposals for the erection of the new Towneley Senior Boys School and the reconditioning of Burnley Wood Senior Girls School.
●  25th July 1938  the erection of Towneley Senior Boys School commenced with the aim of opening on 1st August 1940 with 490 places.
●  The construction of the building was undertaken by the Corporation Building Department and W Walker did the steelwork.

Burnley Express and News  14th October 1939.
Burnley Education Committee had to obtain permission from the Government to complete Towneley due to the disruption due to the outbreak of war.
● The proposal before the committee was that the extensions to Burnley Wood should be completed and the site at Towneley made waterproof until such time as the building could be finished.  Alderman Buchanan tabled an amendment that it was more economical to complete the building.  The amendment was accepted and presumably the Government agreed because building restarted.