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The Technical High School concept
The tripartite system of  Education  was established  by  the 1944 Education Act of Rab Butler. As well as raising the school leaving age to 15, it also provided free schooling in three different types of schools; grammar, secondary modern and technical The then Government hoped that these schools would cater for the different academic levels and other aptitudes of children. A LEA was able to create a kind of 'half way house' between the Grammar school and the Modern school if it so desired yet few took up the option due to lack of money. Secondary technical schools were designed to train pupils gifted in mechanical and scientific subjects. The focus of the schools was on providing scientists, engineers and technicians. Thus the curriculum placed emphasis on learning 'the Basics', but Technical schools also taught practical subjects (such as wood and metal working; domestic sciences; and arts) and entry to Technical schools was selective by means of  the  newly formed  11+  examination.
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