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Of General Interest . . . .
School Demolition (Thursday March 31st 2011)
(b) seen from Woodgrove Road
Paths_3688 From Woodville Rd_3692
1. (left) Layout of paths over the site of the all-weather sports area. Trees to the upper left were between the ends of the two classroom wings.
2. (right) Temporary fence to the left on Woodgrove Road, Building remnant is the hall, crush hall and main entrance stair-case with water tank tower above. Ther Prunus-sp. trees to the right of the hall were in the quadrangle. In the foreground top-soil  has been spread over the site of the gymn, classrooms and girls / junior yard. The stands of Turf Moor are on the left.

WideView_3694  Wide View 3696        3 & 4. Looking down from Woodgrove Road over the school site to Towneley Holmes. Across the river, on the right, can be seen the new buildings of Unity College with Brunshaw (left) and Black Hameldon (right) beyond. The grove of evergreen trees were growning between the ends of the classroom wings; and the white sub-surface of the all-weather sports area is obvious to the right. In the foreground are the first new plantings - of beech and fir trees.
Remnant of HAll etc 3698  Hall works 3699
5. (left) Looking through the temporary fence to see much activity centred on the hall and crush-hall areas. the smaller trees were in the quadrangle with cherries just coming into flower. Beyond are the trees flanking the Holmes road which were planted by boys from TTHS  in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations.
6. (right) The ranked seating fitted to the Hall when it became the Drama Studio in recent years can bee seen. Above the Hall's original roof girders, the structure of the pitched roof (added in the 1990s) is obvious.
Hall_Site_3701   Site works 3702
7.(left) Activity centred on the gate at the bottom end of Woodgrove Road.
8. (right) with the remnant buidlings in the background, top soil is being spread across the site of the various extensions, including the new entrance and associated rooms and the technology workshops block.
March 31st 2011 - Continued as (a) seen from Towneley Holmes