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Of General Interest . . . .
School Demolition (Thursday March 31st 2011)
(a) seen from Towneley Holmes
Hall Elkevation 3708  Tod_Rd_End_Restoration_3711
1. (left) A pile of top soil awaits removal of the Hall and Crush-hall entrance and stairs.
2. (right) The Todmorden Road end of the site, across to the bottom of Woodgrove Road, is being tidied up for final top soil restoration.

         Path diversion 3713  Path work 3714
3. (left) The stone gate posts flanking the path into the school grounds are being demolished, stone by stone and the foot path alongside the road to the schools original main entrance is being diverted (presumably to join up with paths being laid down from the other end of the site.
4. (right)  Modern machinery allows easy access to the Hall roof space.
Path diversion 3716  Front Door 3719
5. (left) This picture of the Towneley Holmes road shows the extent of the growth of the Festival of Britian tree, planted by boys for TTHS in 1951,
6. (right)  The original front door, Crush-hall stairs, with the Secretary's and  Headmaster's rooms on the ground floor and the Library (1940's) or Art room (1950s) above.
Remnant 3722  trees beyond the kitches 3725
7. (left) The Crush-hall stair-case, tank tower, and boiler house chimney to the right, with the partially demolished Hall behind. The small trees are where the quadrangle was. Woodgrove road is seen behind.
8. (right) Looking from Towneley Holmes, through the trees which were behind the kitchens. The rubble markes the area covered by the Boys/Senior yard. A classroom wing would have run across the picture from the right. The grove of trees, in the centrre of the picture, had grown up between the ends of the two classroom wings.

Kitchen scub + Classroom Grove 3737  Boundary fence 3730
9. (left) The curb-stones mark the vehcular entrance into the Senior/Boys yard (rubble) with the trees behind the kitchens (right). The area where top soil has been spread and new trees planted can be seen between the rubble and Woodgrove Road.
10. (right) This picture is to the left of (9). The iron fencing originally marked the boundary of the school site. More recently, the all weather sports area was to its left. A large pile of top soil can be seen to the left.
March 31st 2011 - Continued as (b) seen from Woodgrove Road