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School Demolition at Friday January 21st 2011
(b) As seen from Woodgrove Road
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Looking North East from Woodgrove Road, with the trees and fence marking the school boundary. This view of the school buildings would previously have been blocked by the gym (alongside the road, shortly beyond the fence).  Removal of the cloakroom block has opened up the quadrangle. The yellow machine is operating at 1st floor level in the corner of the quadrangle by the library and the prefects' room (1950s-1960s) 
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To the left is the space left by the removal of the gym behind the tree (the school boundary is along the right hand frame of the photograph) and the classroom wings.  The line of the nearer wing can be seen in the frost (far right). The evergreen shrubs to the right of both photographs had grown up between the far ends of the classroom wings. [In the 1950s the cycle sheds were between the class room wings nearer the camera than the shrubs.] The window in the red wall to the left of the right hand photograph is in one of the three rooms behing the stage in the hall. One was used as teaching space when the girls came in 1956 and another as the girls' prefects' room. The all weather sports area can be seen beyond the red skip in the left hand picture, with the flood-lights still in place.
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In the foreground of both photographs is the Woodgrove yard for junior boys and (after 1956) the girls yard. Most of the cloakroom block has been demolished, marked by the extended pile of bricks. One remaining part is indicated by the blue door which gave access from the yard.. The far side of the quadrangle (marked by the trees and shrubs) contained the woodwork, metalwork and engineering, workships, together with rooms for domestic science and junior science. The visible windows are in the coridors and look out onto the quadrangle. The rooms faced out on the other side onto Towneley Holmes. The tower (to the left of the righthand photograph) contains the water tanks and boiler chimney, and also the staircase alongside the orignial front door.
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The yellow machine is working on the roof of the cloakroom block. The lower roofed block behind contains the staircase to the prefects room and the library (under the higher roof). The first floor corridor which ran beside the library and Mr Dearing's biology laboratory has been incorportated into a new extension with a flat roof (left of the crane). Also visible in the quadrangle is a (green) temporary building.
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To the left the windows in the rooms behind the stage in the hall look out onto a pile of bricks. The tower over the front door on the Holmes is seen far left. Both photographs show the trees and bushes in the quadrangle (which seem to have been subsequently preserved as the buildings around them were demolished).
January 21st 2011 - Continued as (a) seen from Towneley Holmes