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Of General Interest . . . .
School Demolition at Friday January 21st 2011
(a) As seen from Towneley Holmes  [Photographs by Graham Tennant]
1.  Demolition of the 'new' extentions on the Todmorden Road end of the school buildings was more or less completed by the time of the last photographs on November 21st 2010. In effect the newer buildings have been removed back to the original 1941 structure. 2. The original gateposts and entrance to the school still direct attention to the site of the original main entrance and staircase tower.Demolition has not encroached on this part of the buildings, yet.
3. Work is proceeding around the Senior / Boys yard. The area of activity is exposed by the removel of the kitchens and dining room from the Towneley Holmes frontage. The white wall seen between the trees in the centre of the picture marks the far end of  Mr_Dearing's demolished Biology Laboratory on the first floor and the Physic's laboratory below. 4.  The truncated Holmes frontage (on the right) exposes to the elements what was on the ground floor, the staff room; and above the end of the Drawing Office. The windows of intact rooms to the right were in the 1951 configuration, on the first floor, the Junior Science Labortatory, and below, a textile workshop which, in 1956, became Domestic Science rooms.
th TH
5. Looking across the old senior / later, boys yard. On the right the canteen and kitches have gone, their end marked by the shrub and patch of grass just inside the entrance gateway at the south end of the site. The houses in Woodgrove Road are visible now the gym and clossroom wings have gone. The three large first floor windows are in the 1951 Library. to the left of the library the two windows to the right were the boys' Prefect Room, whilst the one on the far left illuminated the staircase. 6. The machine that does the work. feeding the lorry that takes it all away. Visible under the jib with a yellow wall is the back of the Biology Lab (1956) which is exposed to the sky. The purple door to the right may be in the corridor which went to the Drawing Office (post-1951) above the canteen.
th TH
7. & 8. Two more views across the senior / boys' yard. Both photographs show the doorway from the yard and the staicase window to the left. The prefects' Room and Library windows are obvious. To the far right of  Photo 8. are the Festival of Britain trees on Towneley Holmes. 
9. The original school site boundary is marked by the wrought-iron fence. 10. A lonely occupation rolling up the all-weather sports surface. The path up to Woodgrove Road is visible beyond the sport's area.
Jasnuary 21st 2011 - Continued as (b) seen from Woodgrove Road