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History of Towneley School Buildings

Miscellaneous Photographs

Technalians 'Last' Visit (1) November 15th 2008

Technalians Last Visit (2) External June 12th 2010
Technalians Last Visit (2) Internal June 12th 2010
[35 ex-pupils of Technical High Schools at Towneley (and 4 former members of the staff) wandered the corridors for one last time before the building's  demolition. We were grateful to Mrs Sally Cryer for facilitating the visit and to Mr Phil Glover for looking after us.]

1. November 19th 2010

2a. January 21st 2011 - A. Seen from Towneley Holmes
2b. January 21st 2011 - B. Seen from Woodgrove Road

3a. February 28th 2011 - A. Seen from Towneley Holmes
3b. February 28th 2011 - B. Seen from Woodgrove Road

4. March 1st 2011 (Scott Knowles)

5a. March 31st 2011 - A. Seen from Towneley Holmes
5b. March 31st 2011 - B. Seen from  Woodgrove Road

History of Towneley School Buildings
by Ian & Christine Stuart (see NEWSLETTER 1 Autumn 2008)

The school on Towneley Holmes was built, at an estimated cost of £46,070, as part of a reorganisation of secondary education in the eastern side of Burnley in the late 1930's. Senior boys were accommodated in the Central School in Todmorden Road (at the bottom of Lyndhurst Road). The boys moved from Todmorden Road to the new Towneley Secondary Boys School on September 15th 1941 with Mr Harry Lancaster as headmaster. Designed for 490 boys, there were 403 enrolled in 1941. Building had begun in July 1938 and the plan had been for the school to open in August 1940, but poor weather during the winter of 1938-9 seriously delayed construction. As a result, Burnley Education Committee had to obtain special government approval to complete the building despite the general disruption due to the outbreak of war. During these last years of the 1930's the playing fields and pavilions on Towneley Holmes (where the new Unity College building has been erected) were completed.

Following the passing of the 1944 Education Act, Towneley was reconfigured in 1946 as a Technical High School for boys. In 1956 the girls' Technical High School at Heasandford was merged with Towneley to form Burnley Technical High School. Thus it continued until 1970 when Towneley became a Comprehensive School. It was known as Towneley Comprehensive School until 1974 when it became Towneley High School. From September 2006 Towneley became the temporary home of Unity College; which moved to its purpose built premises, on what had been Lower Towneley Playing Fields, in September 2010. During this period the original buildings were adapted and added to (with permanent and temporary structures) almost continously. The whole school was demolished and the site cleared during the winter and spring of 2010-2011 as documented in the attached photographs