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Chicago BTHS Spoon Quest   [July 2010]
Technalians Around the World    [March 2010]
Technalian Authors Book List
     [March 2010; updated February 2011]
Pupils Who become THS Teachers in Burnley
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Chicago BTHS Spoon Quest
Do any Technalians have recollection of school cutlery with a BTHS logo? This could be Canteen or Domestic Science equipment.  If anyone has information about such spoons, please let me know. and I will forward it to Matt Hanne.
Graham Tennant  Email - or by  phone on 029-2075-8672
Email from Matt Hanne in Chicago : July 2nd 2010 

Good morning!

While searching the internet for a possible source for this spoon I've turned up, I found your interesting site. While there are several possibilities over here for the acronym BTHS, the maker of the spoon turns out to be British. I was wondering if your school was the site from which this spoon came. I am a member of the Restaurantware Collectors Network, and we do research on such as a hobby, capturing a sense of place and time when restaurants meant time to sit and enjoy a meal and the service.

Thanks for your time and best wishes!

Matt Hanne
Chgicago BTHS spoon Chicago BTHS spoon logo

Technalians Around the World

We displayed this map showing the location of 12 Technalians who live overseas at the 2nd Annual Reunion in Burnley on March 25th 2010. They are distributed as - Australia 1,  Belgium 1,  Canada 3,  France 1,  New Zealand 2,  South Africa 1,  Spain 2,  USA 1. If you are a Technalian living outside the UK, please let us know.



Technalian Authors Book List

Copies of many of these books can be obtained from Abe Books UK on the Internet.
Geoff A Ashworth
Section on (Barden High School) 'Physical Education Department 1971-2006'
In "1891 Able Street School to Barden High School 2006" by Harry Simpson,
pp.218-224, Hudson & Pearson Burnley, 2009

Rev Richard Justin William Bevan
[On the staff of  TTHS & BTHS from 1951-December 1960, then Rector of St Mary's in the city of Durham and Chaplain to the University of Durham;
1985 Residentiary Canon of Carlisle Cathederal

A History of the parish of St James, Church Kirk ('Church' as in 'Church & Oswaldtwistle' railway station)
by RJW Bevan & Victor G Palmer (1956)
Steps to Christian Understanding 
Edited by RJW Bevan. Oxford University Press (1958)
The Forward is dated "Burnley Technical High School, December 1957" and in it Mr Bevan comments that he is one of the few of his profession who teaches religion and philosophy in a Technical School in Britain. "It is a commonplace that we live in an age when technical and scientific education is supremely important to a nation, and when more and more of the future citizens of all countries are going to be technically minded; at the same time it is said that man's ability and powers in applied science and engineering have far outstripped his moral and religious insight. Moreover, as has been remarked (The Times, leader, October 12th 1957), there is a keen appetite for religious discussion, though that often takes place on a very inadequate basis of knowledge. People think they have rejected Christian claims when in fact they have never known sufficient about Christianity to reject it with understanding. The contributors to  this book offer such guidence in written form and hope their work may provide "Steps to Christian Understanding".
The Churches and Christian Unity
Edited by RJW Bevan.
Oxford University Press (1963)
Durham Sermons
by RJW Bevan, Mowbray
A Twig of Evidence: Does Belief in God Make Sense?
by RJW Bevan, Churchman, Worthing (1988)

Allan Lawson
  [For details see Alan Lawson]
Walks in Pendle Country

[Gerrard, Nelson, 1963; 2nd Edition 1967)

Walks in Bronte Country
[Gerrard, Nelson, 1964]

Walks in Hodder Country
[Gerrard, Nelson, 1966]

Walks in Ribblesdale
[Gerrard, Nelson. Expected to be published in 1968]

Colin Ormston
(An anthology of verse by Colin Ormston, Rod Pilkington) 2008 [from Amazon UK]
(Poetry & Prose by Colin Ormston, Christy Charles, Rod Pilkington) 2009 [from
Lulu SW15]

Pupils Who become THS Teachers in Burnley

Alan Lawson
Brian D McDonald
Dennis Martin Cregg
Frank Lee


New use for Towneley school site 2010

A Press release on Monday February 8th 2010 announced that Burnley Football Club was to build the first "Football University" at Turf Moor on the current site of Burnley Cricket Club. In addition, a new stand would be erected at Turf Moor to replace the aging David Fishwick (Cricket Field) Stand. This would be enabled by the relocation of Burnley Cricket Club "to a superb new location on the site of the former Towneley School in Towneley Park".

The current occupants of the Towneley School buildings, Unity College, will have moved out by mid-July and will reopen in August in their new buildings which have been erected on what were the Lower Towneley playing fields. The main Unity College access road is alongside the bridge we used to reach the changing rooms and pitches. There appears to be space for playing fields remaining in front of the new buildings.

Unity College

Unity College, a building site  March 26th 2010