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Towneley Gatehouse Drowing The Gatehouse to the Towneley Estates

The Towneley Gatehouse was built in 1895 as one of the developments planned by Charles Towneley and was known as Handbridge Castle.

The archway was the vehicular access to Towneley Holmes from Todmorden Road in Burnly. Beyond the trees on the right, facing this roadway and the River Calder, are the school buildings  which housed Towneley Technical High School and, later, Burnley Technical High School; and which are still in secondary school use as Unity College. The arch featured in various school badges

At the end of the mile-long drive is Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, seen by many as the jewel in Burnley's crown. The building of the Hall was started in the 14th century on land granted to Geoffrey, son of Robert, Dean of Whalley in 1200. The Park was enclosed in 1490 by Sir John Towneley. The Hall and 62 acres of Park were aquired by Burnley Corporation in 1900 and much of the Towneley Holmes (another 175 acres) was added in 1925 for the development of a golf course and extensive playing fileds.
Drawing © Graham Tennant 2007