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Foreword to the 1964-1965 "Technalian"
Our School Journal for the year has an unusual feature - the number of changes amongst the staff. We have lost the good services of Miss Richardson, who has become the Deputy Head of the Rodway Technical High School, Bristol; Mr Armistead, now Lecturer in Art at Ghana University; Mr Lawson, Head of Science Department, St Theodore's Comprehensive School; Mr Dearing, Head of Biology Department, Accrington Girls' High School; Miss Eagleton, who is returning nearer to home in Manchester. All have given most excellent service to the School and on behalf of all I wish them every success and happiness in their new spheres.

We have welcomed Mr Banks, Miss Metcalf, Mr Lambert and Mrs Wright, our new Secretary. Mr R Loveman will join as Head of the Physics Department in August, and our new Deputy Head, Mr A MacMillan, entered upon his duties on June 1st, after the temporary services of Miss Holgate and Mr Legon. Miss Holgate's stay with us was sandwiched between service in New Zealand and forthcoming duties in the Solomon Islands, while Mr Legon had his first experience in the North in our service. We are greatly indebted to both and we hope they will be able to look back upon their days spent in our midst with some pleasure.

Again I have to confess to being surprised by the call from the Editors for this introduction. School life is every bit as crowded for the Staff as it is for pupils, and yet none of us would have it otherwise. Actual school work is just one phase of school life : societies, sports, visits, excursions all take time, and all enrich the experiences formed in school days. It is very pleasing to record the very pleasant Social Evening spent by the Sixth Form at the Spring Bank Hotel. If only there had been more Old Students there!

I think it is only fitting that I should record the School's thanks to Mr Horrocks for his tremendous work and great generosity in doing the lion's share in fitting out the School Observatory on our playing fields. Elsewhere in  the Magazine thanks will be given to the many benefactors of the Astronomical Society. Now it is up to the School to become space minded and take full advantage of the facilities so generously provided.

And now it is my duty to pass on the School's best wishes to the leavers : best wishes for examination successes and also for their future happiness and progress. May they prove to be good ambassadors for the School in industry and commerce and strengthen the goodwill shown to this School by the townsfolk who, after all, expect a lead to come from our boys and girls.

Good luck to you all,